W - Working Together
G - Giving our Best
H - Having integrity
S - Showing Kindness

Students Right Students Responsibility
To attend school
  • To attend regularly
  • To be in class on time
  • To use the correct procedure if needing to leave during the day
  • To bring a note to explain absences
  • To use the school diary for planning and time management
To be treated fairly
  • To attend regularly
  • To show consideration for others at all times
  • To follow instructions given by staff and those in authority
  • To behave fairly and appropriately
To an education and appropriate learning experiences
  • To come properly prepared for class
  • To complete work
  • To work to the best of their ability
  • To make the most of the educational opportunities provided both in and out of school
  • To have water only in classes where permitted, and no other drink or food in class
To be respected by staff and students
  • To learn self respect
  • To respect others
    To ensure that no student impedes the learning of any other students
    To respect each individual's cultural identity
To have a safe environment
  • To ensure there is no physical, emotional or verbal abuse of peers or staff – including electronic, 'spinning' or text bullying
  • To ensure there is no use of, or association with, alcohol, tobacco or drugs on the way to, from, or at school, or at any school function
  • To respect all school property
  • To keep the classroom and grounds clean, tidy and free from vandalism
  • To use pedestrian crossings and follow road and rail safety rules
To have their property safeguarded
  • To avoid bringing i-pods, walkmans or stereo equipment to school
  • To avoid bringing cell phones to school
  • To leave any valuables or money at the school office
To belong to Whangarei Girls' High School Community
  • When school uniform is worn to and from school or when representing the school, is must be worn correctly.
  • To display appropriate behaviour when representing the school
  • To observe school and classroom rules
  • To be honest and truthful
  • To act in a manner which brings credit to themselves and to Whangarei Girls' High School

Breaches of the above responsibilities will result in students being accountable for their behaviour through school procedures which are based on a restorative approach.

Senior Leadership reserves the right to exclude any student who has been involved in serious or persistent breaches of the above responsibilities from participating in any school event.