Students grow their global competence despite a closed border!

After submitting their applications, six of our students were chosen to take part in the certificate. The course was delivered online and involved 4 weeks of part-time learning. This commitment was in addition to their regular school work and extracurricular activities!

Students made their way through learning modules which encouraged students to flex their empathy muscles, think critically, and increase their own cultural self-awareness by reflecting on their own experiences.

Student Sophie enjoyed all the different aspects of the course. One key learning she took away was learning about microaggressions and the importance of paying attention to 'what you say and how you say it'. According to Sophie, 'It's important to be mindful of how others will receive it'.

Each week was finished off with a facilitated zoom session by a Massey University lecturer, where students discussed the week's learnings and offered personal insights into course content. And here's the twist…half of their classmates were taking part in the zoom all the way from India!

To offer students an authentic opportunity to practice their global citizen skills they shared the online classroom with students from across the world. This exchange provided the students' first-hand insight into another culture and the bonus of making some new friends along the way!

Course participant Ella stated 'I really enjoyed learning about Indian culture and the underlying values and beliefs that come through in their everyday life. Talking to people who are still in lockdown made me realise how lucky we are here in NZ'.

We are so proud of our students' commitment and dedication to growing their global competence. With closed borders and no new international students due to grace our shores in the near future, it is so important that our students don't miss out on the enriching life skills that are gained when we interact and connect with people from around the globe. Initiatives like the GCC are essential to maintain and grow our global citizens so when the borders do open, we will be ready to welcome the big wide world!