Students bake gingerbread horses for RDA.

A Northland high school has been overtaken by 2000-plus horses - gingerbread horses that is.

Whangarei Girls High School has got on board with a campaign to raise money for Riding for the Disabled and hope to raise $5000.

Senior hospitality teacher Nicki Knier said she initially saw the campaign - promoted by Kiwi baking icon Jo Seagar - online.

"I said right, there's our next challenge," Ms Knier said. "They [students] just thought it was a fantastic idea."

Riding for the Disabled was a wonderful organisation which many people got a lot out of.

"I would say half of the students involved with it know someone that uses them or benefits from them."

As of Wednesday the students had made 2350, but were likely to make more.

"I don't like doing things by halves," Ms Knier said.

They were still hoping to attract some sponsors from the community to contribute to the cost of producing them, she said.

"It works out roughly 20c a horse to make."

They started selling them on Thursday night at the school's open evening, then opened up to students, teachers and community orders after that.

It was part of the 2015 Gingerbread Horse Campaign, with more than 600 people or groups around the country already signed on.

Whangarei RDA operations manager Sue Neilson said the amount being produced at the high school was "huge".

"I thought I was coming to see a couple hundred," she said. "I can't believe it."

The really nice thing was the fact all the students really wanted to participate, Ms Neilson said.

The money would be put towards buying covers for their new horses and putting a roof over the centre's mounting block in Maunu.

Student Grace Calder, 16, said she knew people who had benefited from Riding for the Disabled.

"I thought it was a really cool idea," she said of the fundraiser.

RDA provide a therapeutic riding and horsemanship programme to develop increased ability and self-esteem in children and adults with physical, intellectual and behavioural difficulties.

- Northern Advocate