Year 13 camp

The Year 13 Leadership camp is all about preparing girls for the challenges of their last year at school.

Camping in your own groups , with your own friends, in your own tents / campers / etc.. Cooking your own food.

In beautiful Bland Bay with exciting, challenging and fun activities happening every day. The perfect way to prepare yourself for Year 13 . Here are two quotes from girls who went last year.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for making me feel so welcome!! I was so scared but you all made me feel way better about coming to school, I had so much fun on the camp and I can't wait for the awesome year to come!"

"What an amazing way to kick start the year! A massive thank you to everyone who made camp happen I'm sure I can say on the behalf of us Year 13s that we very much appreciate all the Teachers' hard work as we were able to have an amazing week! Let the good times roll into the year and let's all make this year the best of our lives!"