Bernina Northland Fashion Awards 2014

Whangarei Girls’ High School continued to be well represented at the annual Bernina Northland Fashion Awards. This year there was a broader range of categories for students to enter which is more inclusive of the diversity that is coming from our students both through the curriculum or extra workshops after school at The Quarry Arts Centre with Hayley Clark.

The winners for 2014 are:

Student Wearable Art

Chloe King gained 2nd place with her Felt like Flowers outfit which has previously won at the Fielddays Wearable Art Awards, Meg Lyon took out 1st place with her Phenakistocyclotrope garment which has also previously won at the Art in Tartan Waipu awards.

Student Street Wear

Tennille Nisbet’s Rock’n Around took 3rd place, Megan King’s Houndstooth Playsuit took 2nd and Briah Petersens Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, Hippie inspired ensemble won her 1st place


Sarah Barnes Like Water for Elephants inspired Admit One gained 1st place

Student Fashion Design

Megan King Placed 3rd in her sassy polka dot dress, YouBin Kim came 2nd with her intracitly beaded Lamentation, Fade To Black and Kaylee Powell took 1st place with her Versace Punk inspired ball dress

Student Evening Wear

Danica Sketchley took 3rd place in her Navy Night John Paul Gaultier inspired gown, Kate Stanley gained 2nd in her Fifty Fifty cocktail dress and Briah Petersen won 1st place in her floor length Lace Be Honest

Fashion Accessories

Chloe King created 4 Steampunk inspired pieces of jewellery to take 1st place in this static display section

Briah Petersen was awarded the Top Student Award which is based on technical ability, receiving the Overlocker sponsored by Bernina

Open Fashion Design

Rachael Pedersen (teacher) gained 3rd place with her dress which was inspired by traditional men's suiting

A fantastic night, showcasing the talent and dedication of our students, well done girls!