Former students of Whangarei Girls’ High School graduating from Victoria University of Wellington

Below is a list of former pupils who have graduated from Victoria University between June 2013 and May 2014. We are very proud to acknowledge and celebrate the students’ wonderful success.

Brasting, Helen R. BA
Brasting, Helen R. BAHONS
Bruce, Kirsty S. BA
Devine, Elizabeth L. BA
Dow, Rachel D. GDTCPR
Ducrot, Claudia A. GDCOMR
Gravatt, Paula R. GDTCPR
Harris, Holly M. BA
Harris, Holly M. BAHONS
Jackson, Nicola M. BAS
Lawrie, Alicia C. BAS
Monteith, Katie A. BA
Smith, Emma J. BA
Stephen, Krystal M. MARCHP
Unger, Dominique M. BSC
Waymouth, Susan J. BSC