New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championship

On 2nd April the Whangarei Adventure Racing Team competed at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championship in Napier and placed 4th and 7th overall. Highlights included: watching the teams’ return to transition after a 35km trek; completing problem solving activities after 8 hours of racing; the teams confidence as they raced in unfamiliar environment in the Ruahine Ranges and the stunning weather. 

Team members were: 

  • 4th Place—Taylor Campbell, Bridget Johnson, Sara McKean, Anna Miller 
  • 7th Place—Julia Carter-Bell, Grace Elliot, Sarah Adams and Tia Saunders.

The WBHS and WGHS Hillary Challenge Team attended the Genesis Energy Hillary Challenge Grand Final along with 12 other schools at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in Tongariro. They placed 3rd overall with New Plymouth Boys and Girls winning the event and Opunake High School placing 2nd.

Our team was in first place after the first two problem solving days, receiving not only the highest score for problem solving, but also winning the skit performed on Monday night. They achieved their personal highest scores on the two day rogaine challenge and multisport race.

The team’s conduct was fantastic with total belief and focus in everything they did and individuals stepping forward in areas of personal strength.

The team would like to thank all the parent support and students, Claudia Brown, Luke Wynne, and William Dorahy who were part of the squad in the lead up to the event. Mrs McLeod would like to acknowledge the amazing Year 13s who have been adventure racing for the past five years and say “long may you continue to get outdoors and compete at the highest level in the country.” Team members were: Taylor Campbell, Bridget Johnson, Sara McKean, Anna Miller, Ryan Houba, James Ewards, Shaan Hill and Darcy Goodison.