Sam Sharp - ex WGHS student

New Zealand Youth Delegation

Since 2007, there has been a team of NZ youth selected to attend these conferences, whom have represented the interests and brought a voice of NZ youth to the international stage.

This year, the team hope to continue this legacy by representing the collective vision of Aotearoa's youth on the international stage, empowering youth to create strong advocacy for real solutions to climate change and share insight and knowledge gained from the UNFCCC experience.

The team has recently launched 'Connected Voices', which is a global project that strives to get all the voices of youth who are unable to attend the conferences, represented by youth who are able to attend. The team realised that the proportion of youth who are under-represented at these conferences is astounding, so they hope that this project is a way for youth all around the world to become a part of the global youth community who are concerned about climate change and want to see our political leaders join in making decisions that are inclusive of the countries who are under-represented.

Sam believes that climate change is the biggest issue our society faces, due to its global inter-connectedness, inter-generational consequences and the complexities of enforcing political action. Through her involvement with grassroots community and national organisations on climate change such as 350 and Generation Zero, she has seen the passion and commitment that many New Zealanders have to take action on climate change and ensure NZ becomes a world leader in creating a sustainable, low-carbon economy, and climate safe future for generations to come.