Excellence Assembly

A former Deputy Head Girl, Proxime Accessit and recipient of a Whangarei District Council Scholarship, Ashleigh Ball, addressed the assembly talking about the importance of being inspired, making the most of opportunities and following your passion. Ashleigh is an outstanding role model of all those things and we very much enjoyed having her back with us again.

The Get2Go team, comprising eight Year 10 (2011) students from Whangarei Boys' and Whangarei Girls' High Schools are national champions for 2011, after fending stiff competition at the week long event held on Great Barrier Island. Their coaches, Olivia Ford and Lee Jones are to be congratulated on the dedication, time and commitment they have given to the team to enable to reach this high standard. Taylor Campbell, Bridget Johnson, Sara McKean and Anna Miller were all awarded sports colours for their tremendous achievement.

It is most unusual for a Year 9 student to be awarded colours at the beginning of the year, but Mihi Shepherd was awarded hers for her first placing in the national pony championships in dressage - a remarkable achievement.

Cultural colours were awarded to cheerleading students who have an impressive array of titles and achievements in regional, national and international competitions. Congratulations to: Lily Grau, Hannah Russell, Michelle Simmonds, Jordhana Thomas, Lynelle Thomas, Sandi Williamson and Rael Wright.

Academic colours were awarded to students who achieved Excellence Endorsements for their NCEA results. To achieve this, a student must gain fifty or more credits at Excellence level across their range of subjects. We were thrilled with the large number of students who achieved this, especially the big increase in Year 13 where 9.3% achieved Excellence Endorsements compared with 6.3% nationally. 

Congratulations to those who received Academic Colours:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Katherine Beasley Rachel Bol Lauren Barker
Lauren Bird Sarah Clarke Kendyl Bird
Jodi Burton Cynthia Corne Winifred Edgar-Booty
Kim Causley Heather Ferris Rachel Evans
Jenny Digby Maia Garry Selina Kunac
Ashleigh Douglas Loretta Gerrard Vanessa Patterson
Elizabeth Garner Mikayla Hammond Kirsty Randell
Anna Hales Brooke Hartigan Amanda Walker
Siobhan Hanchard Aradhana Laxman
Roimata Hanchard Jana Lennard
Olivia Jayaweera Natasha Lewis
Soomin Kim Frida Lotz-Keegan
Selena Lawrie Cynatra Major
Zoe Littlejohn Alexandra Mayo
Vanessa Martinovich Ella McLeod
Laura Mattin Hanneke Meyer
Holly Miller Grace Miller
Sian Northey Kate Wilson
Briana Northey Tiantian Zheng
Jordyn Pitman
Alanah Prisk
Caitlin Reid
Hayley Schultz
Chenae Sketchley
Elisha Swainson
Michaela White
Courtney Woolston

It is also worthy of mention that Tiantian Zheng and Rachel Evans achieved Excellence in all their credits for NCEA Levels Two and Three respectively - an achievement of which they can both be very proud.