Science Fair - 2011

Congratulations to Sophie Clayton - Year 9

Huge congratulations to Sophie Clayton - Year 9, who won 7 awards at the 2011 Science Fair. The Science Fair is sponsored by the Marsden Point Refining Company in the Northern region. Sophie's project investigated night time visibility on the road. She found the most visible safety device is a reflector light but flouro vests and arm bands also help. Her project was titled 'Sight at Night'.

Sophie was the winner of:

  • 'Realise the Dream' Award
  • Otago University ‘Hands On Science' Award
  • Best Application of Scientific Method Award
  • Health and Wellness Award
  • Best Exhibit Award
  • Best Overall Investigation Award
  • Class Awards - Year 9-10 Investigation

Congratulations to Olivia Lobb - Year 9

Winner of the Class Awards - Year 9 and 10 Research