Year 13 Drama Production 'Between Bells'

Violence, drugs and sex are all part of a controversial play by Whangarei Girls' High School.

Between Bells is being put on by the school's year 13 drama class this week.

William Walker, an award-winning playwright and the school's head of drama, wrote the play after a series of interviews with teenagers about their weekend experiences in Whangarei.

It was performed to rave reviews by the Northland Youth Theatre in 2004.

Mr Walker says the interviews were a completely new insight into the teenage world and the resulting play is not only a study of teens but also of their parents.

But he was surprised when the year 13 drama class chose the play as its graduation production.

Head girl Truely Harding takes on the challenging role of lovable gangster Robbie and says it is cool to do a play written by Mr Walker.

The play also provides an important message to other students, she says.

"The message is about safety Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ don't go off by yourself even though you may feel safe. It's also about just how immature young boys can be when they're high on drugs."

Alice McTaggart plays Sylvia and says the play was chosen because it's funny and relates well to the students with realistic characters.

Anei George, who plays Kayla, agrees and says the play also gives a message to younger students.

"It shows what can happen if you get too wasted."

The drama class is performing most of the characters, as well as all the production roles from set design to lighting.

Other roles are being performed by Whangarei Boys' High School students Thomas Gowing and Micheal McCabe, and year 10 student Ngaire-Ani Mehana.

Between Bells will be performed at Girls' High at 7.30pm on August 17 to 19, and 1pm and 5.30pm on Saturday, August 20. Tickets are $12 adults, $10 concession, $8 students. Phone 430-4460 for information.

The Northern Advocate, 16 August 2011