2011 Junior Hospitality Challenge

The Junior Hospitality Competition is an annual event held at Northtec during the Salon Culinaire weekend which is an arena to showcase some of NorthlandÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s finest hospitality talent. Secondary schools are invited to compete in various events and these are judged alongside the adult classes to international standards. There are two levels of entry, namely the static classes where the food is prepared before the event or the live classes whereby the food is cooked live in front of a highly critical panel of judges.

Junior Hospitality Challenge May 16th 2011.

All in all, twelve girls surrendered to my persuasion giving us a total of seven 'live' competitors and seven static submissions. The statics were blueberry muffins, vegetable quiche or glazed fruit flan. The specifications in all the classes were very succinct, to the point of specifying a weight range for the muffins, thus deducting marks for anything deemed to be too heavy, too fat, too dense, too sugary etc.etc.Of our seven statics entries, Daryon Rapana and Chelsea Scampton both received bronze medals for their blueberry muffins whilst Latoria Cross Robinson was awarded a certificate of participation. Our fruit flan and quiche entries courtesy of Chelsea Scampton and Latoria Cross Robinson for the former whilst Katryna Gallagher and Danielle Gibbons baked quiches, were all awarded certificates of participation which incidentally were the highest awards given in both those classes.

With regards to the live pasta class, Danielle Gibbons was awarded a certificate of participation, Sharneece Joyce and Katryna Gallager both achieved bronze whilst Kirsten Goodland's Chicken and Mushroom Pasta in a Cream Blue Cheese Sauce peaked just a few points away from gold and earned her a silver placing. Our three year 13 girls also did us proud in the live breakfast class and although they were unable to attend many of the practices due to prior commitments, Kayla Mohi was awarded a certificate of achievement whilst Brittany Hill and Maria Murray were both awarded bronze.

Just as portrayed in Master Chef, the pressure of a live class is a very intense and intimidating experience: one which even a seasoned chef often does not relish. So, in only having two weeks to practice prior to the event, practices became a daily lunchtime ritual with guidance, feedback and suggestions offered by Mrs. McAvinue and myself (Nicki Knier). I wholeheartedly applaud the girls for their determination and dedication, their willingness to accept criticism and their ability to rise to the challenge of the Junior Hospitality Competition. With one silver, six bronze and seven certificates of participation to boast of, I feel incredibly proud of the girls' achievements and am full of pride ÌâåÊthat Whangarei GirlsÌ¢‰â‰㢠High School was awarded overall secondary school winner for their commendable achievements. I now look forward to the girls taking to the stage at National level Salon Culinaire in Auckland In July.

Nicki Knier (Hospitality Teacher year 12 and 13.)