Great care is taken to provide students with safe, friendly accommodation at the school boarding house or in a family home.

Lupton House provides safe and secure boarding within the school, just a short walk to town.

Within the hostel, residents make up a large family-like unit, supported by friendly caring staff and a positive warm atmosphere. Lupton House provides safe and secure boarding and is is within walking distance to doctors, chemist, shopping and sporting facilities.

Compulsory study times are part of the regular weekly routine, and are supervised by an education professional, with clear routines and firm guidelines to enhance the residents' opportunities for educational and social development. The hostel staff also arrange other organised programmes such as sporting and social activities.

Our team of friendly, trained supervisors offer 24 hour care, and support staff provide meals and essential services.

For children wanting to stay in a home environment, homestay families are carefully chosen to ensure all students are placed in a safe, friendly home.

Each student is fully involved in the daily life and activities of their host family. Our first priority is to place our international students with families who have students at our school. This helps them settle better into their new life here and make friends. However this is not always possible so we then look elsewhere in the community for placement.

Our host families take an active interest in the international students and this involves taking them away on weekend trips to show them our beautiful scenery in Northland and beyond. All homes are checked by our International Homestay Manager and are Police vetted.