Rules For Room Hire

  1. The hiring organisation must appoint one person who will take responsibility (Group Leader) for liaison with the Lupton House Manager; that person must ensure that the hostel rules are adhered to, and the group is properly supervised.
  2. In the event of FIRE the alarms will sound automatically and not be stopped until the Fire Department arrive. If the alarms sound, all residents are to move to the nearest Fire Exit and assemble on the netball court opposite the Hostel. On arrival a Hostel staff member will take your group through Hostel Health and Safety Procedures.
  3. To wilfully tamper with a Fire Protection System is a Criminal Offence. Your group could be charged for a false call out; these can cost up to $1500.00 per call out.
  4. All persons entering this property MUST COMPLY with ALL safety regulations as per Health and Safety, and Fire Safety and Evacuation, legislation. The Group Leader must be able to provide emergency services with the exact number of group members at the hostel, at any given time, should this be required.
  5. The Hostel has a fully stocked First Aid kit; if you require first aid supplies whilst at the Hostel, please see the Manager or Supervisor on duty.
  6. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in or on the property.
  7. Smoking is not permitted in the Hostel, or Hostel Grounds at any time.
  8. The consumption of food and drink is not permitted in any area of the Hostel except in the Dining Room.
  9. When management is providing the catering service, meal times will be arranged at mutually agreeable times.
  10. Writing or pinning anything on walls, except on the Hessian boards provided, is strictly forbidden.
  11. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any property brought in to the Hostel by hirers, or persons in the group.
  12. Management has the right to protect the good name of the Hostel and its property. All breakages, acts of vandalism, etc, must be paid in full by the hirer; accounts for any such damage will be sent to your organisation and charged at cost.