Policies & Procedures

The hostel is covered by the policies of the Whangarei Girls' High School Board of Trustees; in addition to those policies, Lupton House has specific procedures and policies pertaining to residents, staff and hostel visitors – all ratified by the WGHS, Board of Trustees.

Lupton House Policies are reviewed annually and copies are available on request, they are:

  • Residents Disciplinary
  • Staff Disciplinary
  • Complaints
  • Residents
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Hostel Admission
  • Searching Boarders and Their Belongings
  • Hostel Property Management
  • Hostel Hire Policy
  • Residents Policies and Procedures (see below)

Code of Conduct

Respect for yourself

  • act with integrity, honesty and dignity
  • be proud of yourself
  • take personal responsibility for your actions
  • no drugs, alcohol or smoking
  • take care of personal hygiene

Respect for others

  • respect the authority of Lupton staff and prefects
  • treat people in a respectful manner
  • ask before using other people's property- 'borrowing' without permission is theft
  • use appropriate language
  • use good manners
  • consider the impact of your actions on others
  • be tolerant of others

Respect for property and the environment

  • treat hostel and school property and facilities with respect
  • no wilful damage, vandalsim and theft- these are considered serious offences and will result in disciplinary action
  • use footpaths to protect gardens
  • keep dorms and the hostel living area clean and tidy
  • report any damage to staff

Signing in and out of the Hostel

Lupton House uses an app called Boardingware to track the activity of our residents. Residents and whanau are able to apply for leave via the app and it is also used to sign in and out of the house.

Hostel Leave (town/sport/activity)

(Leaving) Sign out via Boardingware and pin OUT

(Returning) Sign in via Boardingware and pin IN

Overnight / Weekend Leave

Residents must have Weekend leave applications in by Thursday.

(Leaving) Sign OUT (girls under 16 years of age must be signed out by the parent/adult collecting them), and Pin OUT

(Returning) Sign IN, and Pin IN

Leave - Approved Destinations and Travel

Approved destinations are: Whangarei's main shopping centre around Cameron Street, New World Supermarket, Regent and Kensington Shopping Centre, shops/cafes on Bank Street between the hostel and town, Kensington gym if proof of membership is shown. ALL other destinations at Supervisor's discretion.

Residents must WALK in pairs, or larger groups and travel only by the main roads; do not accept rides in vehicles, unless pre-approved.

For residents own safety, do not travel on the cycle and railway tracks.

After School Leave

Year 9 and 10 girls DO NOT have town leave on Mondays. They have supermarket leave on Tuesdays and Town leave on Thursdays and Fridays (if they are staying at the Hostel for the weekend).

Wednesdays are 'in Hostel' activity time for Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. The only exceptions are Hostel Prefects and girls going to sports practice or games or other regular activity class.

Year 11 and 12 girls may have town leave 3 days per week after school.

On other days after school, residents may sign out in the day book and travel to approved destinations (see above); return times are:

  • Y9, 10, 11 and 12 MUST return by 5pm
  • Prefects and Y13 return by 5.15pm

Y12 and 13's may be granted extensions for special activities –24 hours notice is required before extensions will be considered.

Weekend Leave

  • Saturday: Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 9.30 – 12 noon. Further time is at Supervisor's discretion.
  • Year 13: Inform Supervisors at all times of whereabouts
  • Sunday: 2pm-4pm. Further time at Supervisors' discretion

Movie Leave

Reasonable notice is expected for all requests.

Girls must produce proof of attendance by producing the movie ticket on their return, and means of transport is to be agreed before leaving the hostel; if the movie finishes after dark girls must return by taxi or in approved vehicle (taxi's can be ordered before they leave). In all cases girls must return within ½ hour of the movies' end time.

  • Y 9, 10, 11 Weekends ONLY and if movie starts before 5pm
  • Y12 Friday and Saturday Nights if movie starts before 8pm, and Sunday if movie starts before 5pm
  • Prefects/Y13 All reasonable requests will be considered.

Special/Late Leave

All Special Leave must be pre-arranged and parents/caregivers are to give the hostel at least 24 hours notice before special leave will be granted. They should advise the event, times of leave and travel arrangements. Short notice special leave with family will be at the Supervisors' discretion.

If this has been granted, and resident (s) are returning after dark, suitable transport must be arranged, e.g. Taxi and the Supervisor must be advised.

Special Leave will not be granted for social events in the evenings, for example school or community dances, as we do not have the resources to transport, monitor, and be responsible for the health and safety of residents attending. Resident's who wish to attend these social events, should sign out of the hostel, with parent permission.


All girls will take responsibility for their allocated area – bed must be made, and all personal items are to be kept in a clean and tidy manner.

  • Vacuum duty –per dorm as per roster – vacuum the entire dorm daily
  • Bathroom duties –per dorm as per roster – change bathmats, sweeping the floor, remove rubbish
  • Dining Room duties – all girls – return plates and utensils for washing; wiping tables, Year 13's, will supervise behaviour of girl's at their table.


Breakfast: 7 – 7.45 am Monday to Friday
8.30 am on Weekends

Lunch: Prepare lunch at breakfast Monday to Friday
12.30 pm on weekends

Dinner: 6 pm every day, allocated seating

  • Girls must be groomed and clean at meal times. Shoes must be worn at all times in the dining room
  • ALL girls must attend meals, unless they are in the sick room
  • Afternoon tea (3.40 pm) and Supper (8.00 – 8.30 pm) must be consumed in the dining room
  • No food is to be consumed in hallways and common rooms.
  • Water bottles may be used in ALL other areas.

Prep Time

  • Year 9, 10 and 11 in the dining room, 7 until 8.15 pm
  • Year 12 and 13 self directed in own rooms.
  • Sunday – optional - 6.30 – 7.30pm in the senior prep room or rest in TV room.


All personal items must be named. Unnamed items will be withheld, and may only be up-lifted with proof of identity.

Monday - Friday:

  • 8.00 – 8.30 am Drop-off laundry (clothes and towels).
  • 3.20 – 3.45 pm Collect laundry
  • Year 13's may launder own personal items in the Senior Laundry, no laundry after 9pm.


Office 09-437 7359 – parents only may call in on this line, calls are limited to 10 minutes per call.

Girls Phone 09 437 3049, located in phone-room - incoming calls, free local outgoing calls only.

Monday to Thursday times restricted to after Prep; Yrs 9 & 10 - 8pm-9pm. Y12 or Y13's only after 9.00pm– last call at 10.00pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, phone-room open at Supervisor discretion:

Phone room-rules - all calls limited to 10 minutes per call, one call per girl, maximum 2 girls in phone rooms at any time.

Mobile Phones

The hostel takes no responsibility for residents personal property.

  • No calls during meal times, prep time or after bedtime.
  • Cell phones must be handed into the office at night, as follows: Year 9 and 10 by 9pm; and Year 11 by 9.15pm; every night.
  • Cell phones can be collected after Dorm inspection between 8.10am and 8.30am.
  • Hostel Supervisors must be informed of all cell phones brought into the hostel, and the phone's number (for use in emergencies).

Motor Vehicles

Parents must complete the Hostel form, giving their daughter permission to bring a vehicle to Lupton. Girls who bring their vehicles to the hostel MUST produce a copy of their licence for us; so that we are aware of, and can monitor the licence restrictions. All vehicle must be adequately insured, as the Management Committee and staff will not accept responsibility for residents vehicles.

There is limited parking for residents, Yr 12's & 13's may park on the hostel grounds in the residents parking area; others may have to park on Lupton Avenue. Y13's and Y12 may bring their vehicles to Lupton House – Y11's by conditional agreement with the hostel Manager.

Y11's and Y12's who bring their vehicles, must also hand in their car keys to the office for safe keeping, to ensure they only use the vehicle for specified purposes (e.g. to travel to and from Doctor or Dentist, work, or between hostel and home).

Year 13's may keep their own keys.

Fitness / Running

Year 9, 10 and 11 may run on the school field between 6.30 and 7.15 am in appropriate attire, NOT boxers.

Year 12 and 13 may run around road but must advise Supervisors' of course before leaving, and must exercise in pairs with suitable shoes and attire and NOT after the hours of darkness.

Swimming Pool

Residents are permitted to use the WGHS pool from time to time, whenever residents use pool a supervisor will be present.


At Breakfast time: If in the dining room before 7.20am – uniforms are compulsory, girls must be groomed and clean. Footwear must be worn. “Approved" mufti can be worn in the Hostel and at other times (eg outings)

Valuables / Wallets

Residents are responsible for their valuables/money, for safe-keeping; PLEASE hand these into the office where they will be locked away; collect from a Supervisor when required.


  • Any resident on prescribed medication must notify Supervisors.
  • Medication must be kept in the office, and Supervisors will remind residents when their medication is due to be taken.
  • Parents/Carers to provide suitable named containers to store medications.

Hostel Boundries

    • Residents may not enter the hostel during school hours (exception – Y13's at study periods). Hostel Prefects may return to Hostel at interval and lunchtime.
    • Residents may only enter the dorm allocated to them for sleeping, and only use the bathroom allocated to their sleeping area.
    • Common rooms – Prep Room, Big and Small TV rooms, games rooms and dining room - are open at Supervisors discretion.
    • Year 9, 10, 12 and 13's may only use the computers for school research/projects for a maximum of 15 minutes during the Y11 prep time, 6.30 – 8.30pm, Monday to Thursday and during Sunday Prep time 6.30 – 7.30pm, computers may only be used for school research/projects.
    • Residents must be able to be sighted by staff from the hostel and venture only as far as the gym at our left, the fence/hedge rows on the right and along the front and the school boundary behind the cottage.
    • The school fields and buildings are out of bounds.


Residents must have signed a Whangarei Girls' High School “Internet Agreement" to be able to access the hostel computers. All restrictions on that agreement, apply at Lupton House.

All Residents are privileged to be given email access, organised through WGHS. Abuse of this privilege (for example, sending and receiving emails containing foul or inappropriate language/graphics) will result in access being cancelled for the resident concerned for the remainder of that year.

Six computers with Internet Access are available to residents Monday – Thursday after school and before tea, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Supervisors discretion. Printing and photocopying costs 10 cents/A4 page.


All visitors must report to the Supervisor on arrival and must sign in on arrival and sign out when departing. Visitors, with a resident may use the visitor's room, small TV lounge or field. Mother's may visit their daughter's dorm. Visiting hours are between 8.00am to 5.00pm, parents or caregiver may, by arrangement, remain until 8.00pm Generally, visitors are not permitted during meal times.