Mission Statement

To provide a safe structured, focused, caring environment for the personal development of students in Northland, whilst pursuing their academic excellence at Whangarei Girls' High School.


To ensure the continuation of Lupton House as a financially viable establishment for future generations of Northland boarding pupils.


To make Lupton House the first choice of Northland parents and pupils who are considering boarding school as an educational option.

Lupton House

Within the hostel, residents make up a large family-like unit supported by friendly caring staff and a warm positive atmosphere. The hostel provides safe and secure boarding with clear routines and firm guidelines to enhance the residents' opportunities of educational and social development. Staff endeavour to develop close links with parents and residents families who are welcome visitors and an integral part of the success of the hostel.

Study times on Monday to Thursday's are compulsory for all year levels; other organised programs include sporting and social activities.

On the hostel staff we have a team of friendly, trained Supervisors offering 24 hour care of residents, plus support staff who provided meals and essential services. The Hostel Manager is responsible for the hostel's overall management, administration, legal compliance requirements and for the wellness of staff and of the residents.

The hostel is situated at 3 Lupton Avenue, and shares its grounds with Whangarei Girls' High School and is within walking distance to doctors, chemist, shopping and sporting facilities.

Girls residing at Lupton House experience the quality learning and diverse range of subject opportunities provided at Whangarei Girls' High School, some which may not be available at rural schools.

Caring for your daughter/ward

The Lupton House staff aim to provide a safe, structured, focused and caring environment and make living in the hostel as “homelike" as we can. To ensure this happens, we have firm guidelines for residents' behaviour and our policies and procedures are displayed in all dormitories, common/recreation areas and on this website (see general information).

Health and Safety

The hostel has a comprehensive plan for emergency evacuation. Fire drill training is carried out each term to ensure all residents and staff are trained should an emergency arise. At least once per year, the fire drill training is held in conjunction with Safety Officers from the NZ Fire Service. All fire exits are clearly marked and our emergency procedures are posted in each dormitory and in common/recreation areas.

The hostel has a dedicated sick bay for residents who are unwell, and they are cared for by staff that hold current Practical First Aid certificates. If residents require a doctor's appointment, these are arranged with the hostel doctors at Central Family Health Care, unless alternative arrangements have been noted. No medication is kept in the dormitories (asthma pumps are an exception), but is kept in a locked cupboard in the Supervisors office and residents are reminded to take doses as per prescription. The time and date of all medication given to residents is noted and these records are kept on their personal files.

Residents who become unwell at home should not be returned to the hostel until they are completely recovered; residents who become sick at school must report to the school nurse who will decide whether they should return to Lupton House for the day. Residents are expected to be taken home, if they are unwell and unfit for school.

Through the eyes of a Senior

"Henry Drummond once said “people who influence you believe in you"

Lupton House is full of these people. It provides a stable environment were independence and positive life experiences are gained. During our years here we have acquired many skills which will be beneficial to our future. These include the ability to relate easily to others, and undertake leadership and responsibilities. We wouldn't exchange these for anything. We've mixed with and befriended people from totally different spheres and of all ages and laughed. The friendships we've made will last a lifetime.

Lupton has become a big part of our lives, the people our lives, the people our family, the supervisors our friends, and the hostel our home


Residents are allocated to dormitories by year level. Year 9 residents share a cubicle, Year 10 and Year 11 residents have a cubicle of their own and Year 12 and Year 13 residents have a room of their own. Residents are encouraged to personalise their own area and make it more homely by having their own duvets covers and displaying favourite posters, toys, and photos of family and friends; items which advertise cigarettes, drugs or alcohol are prohibited.

Residents are encouraged to ensure they have adequate insurance cover for personal belongings (household effects insurance may cover this if you advise your insurer) as the hostel insurance policy does not cover these. We encourage residents to bring valuables and money to the office where it can be locked away safely until needed. ALL personal items should be labelled with the resident's name. Lupton House will not accept responsibility for mobile phones, unnamed clothing or equipment or for valuables and money left in cubicles or rooms. Residents may have IPods in the dorm, but noise level must be considerate to others.

Residents are expected to keep their own cubicles and rooms clean and tidy, and dormitory and bathroom cleaning duties are shared between the residents to ensure a healthy environment is maintained. For safety reasons curtains must be drawn when residents are changing and when lights are out.


The Lupton House staff promote non-violent, positive behaviour and respect for the others at all times. Bullying, and bystanders who support this behaviour, is not acceptable at the hostel and proven incidents of this behaviour will be considered serious and appropriate discipline will be taken.

Residents are expected to comply with Lupton House's guidelines, policies and procedures for the safety and wellbeing of all; failure to do so may have consequences for the resident(s) concerned as laid out in the Lupton House Handbook.

Swearing or abusive language is not tolerated and smoking/vaping is not permitted at any time in the hostel or the school grounds. Any resident who has or takes dangerous substances, drugs or alcohol, or encourages others to do so will be referred to the Head of Boarding, Police and the Board of Trustees for a disciplinary hearing, and the proven incidents will almost certainly mean suspension for the resident(s) involved.

Application and acceptance into Lupton House

We welcome residents who are students at Whangarei Girls' High School.

If you are not currently a student at Whangarei Girls High School, please contact the school principal's personal assistant, who will arrange an interview for both the prospective student and her parent/ward for the school and boarding at the same time.

All girls interested in residing at Lupton must complete the Lupton House Application Forms (sent out on request), and provide a reference/support letter from the principal of the school they are leaving.

All applicants will be interviewed and given a tour of the hostel, and will receive a letter from the Head of Boarding to advise of the outcome.