Payments of Lupton House fees are made in advance and are made up of the following:

  1. $300 Building Development Fund
  2. $10,000 for full year plus holiday homestay fees.

During holidays, whilst Lupton House closes, the student will be matched with a suitable homestay family.


Fees are reviewed and set by the Board of Trustees in Term 3 each year. There are two fee structures – annual fee and a casual fee which is charged when girls reside at Lupton for less than the full year.

Building Development Fund

In acceptance of a place every new resident will pay a sum of $300 into the Building Development Fund. This fund is intended to accumulate to enable capital improvements to the building and facilities of Lupton House.

Annual Fee

The annual fee for 2021 is $10,000.00

The annual fee is paid in five equal instalments throughout the year, due on 31 January; 31 March; 31 May; 31 July and 30 September. Boarding Allowance payments will not be recorded against the 1st instalment (due 31st January), but will be recorded and deducted from the next four instalments.

Casual Fee

The casual fee is currently at $260 per week. This fees applies to short-stay residents, girls commencing after the end of term one, or girls leaving before the end of the full school year. Using the casual rate, fees calculated at the time of enrolment, or when a withdrawal notice is received.

There are no fee refunds for:

  • Girls who go home on weekends
  • Girls who leave early in term 4
  • Girls who are asked to leave the hostel due to misconduct.

Ten weeks notice must be given in writing to the Head of Boarding in the event of a resident withdrawing.

For full fee schedule and other information on discounts that may apply please contact Lupton House Head of Boarding on [email protected]

To assist with fees, intending domestic residents may be eligible for one of the following boarding allowances or scholarships.

1.Ministry of Education Boarding Allowance See MOE's website, or telephone (09) 439 5425

2.The Dingwall Trust Education Enhancement Programme www.dingwall.co.nz Telephone (09) 278 3699 or fax (09) 279 4092

Please contact these organisations for information and application forms. There may be other scholarships your daughter may be eligible for, for examples Guardian Trust, or through community-based organisations.