WGHS Old Girls' Association

The Whangarei Girls' High School Old Girls' Association 1 July 1948 to 2011

The first Annual General Meeting of the Assocation was held on 1 July 1948 with an attendance of 27 with Miss Dorothy Lupton as first President. The Constitution was read by Miss Lupton 'clause by clause' and Miss Bell was the first Patron, also the first Principal. She drew attention to the development of the school as a separate institution and its immediate needs. Money would be required for a swimming pool as well as additional tennis and basketball courts.

The motto was to be 'Fideliter' and the school colours - blue, black and gold. These were adopted at this first meeting. We members of the Association look back with pride at the inspirations and devotion shown by these first Association members.

One of the clauses in the Constitution states that the Association was formed for the promotion of cordial relations between members of the Association and present pupils of the school. This we have endeavoured to do over the yeras.

We can look back with pride at the inspirations and loyalty shown to us by former Old Girls who have been our past Presidents and to the many Old Girls who have, through the years, served on our Committees from 1948 until 2011, when our AGM will be held in August. There will be many gaps - those who have left us- and we remember them. We have proudly kept our Association together through the 100 Year Centennial and 125 Year Jubilee celebrations.

We continue to meet three time a year to decide how we can be of benefit to our school. Over the years we have given gifts to the school. These are mentioned in a yearly newsletter sent to Life Members. We take pride in the many achievements of pupils, past and present, in friendships, sports and academia. We applaud the many great teachers and principals who have, through the years, fulfilled the positions that have contributed to the achievements of young women of the school.

Our Association can continue into the future to assist in any way we can to promote the 'cordial relations' that were instituted in our Constitution so many years ago.

Footnote: "in later life, it can be said that there is far more to your school days than the mere acquisition of facts. You go for better and more lasting reasons - making friends, learning to be sociable and for maintaining individuality while being able to involve yourself with others and learning to accept success with modesty and defeat with goodwill".

Mrs Joyce Wilson (nee Hartnell) Life Member Whangarei Girls' High School Old Girls' Association

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17 August 2017

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WGHS Hospitality room.

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Past Principals

  • Miss Himmel - pre 1948
  • Miss Littlejohn
  • Miss Bell
  • Miss Jones
  • Miss Tombs
  • Mr Bryant
  • Mrs Joyce
  • Mrs Sneddon
  • Mrs Cooper