Meet the Staff

Individual staff members may be contacted via e-mail with the following format: [email protected]

Senior Leadership Team

Anne Cooper Principal
Kevin Dean Deputy Principal
Sonya Lockyer Deputy Principal
Kim Rogers Deputy Principal
Moira Christie Business and Finance Manager

Heads of Departments

Megan White and Ashleigh Zimmerman Art
Calidah Wati Biology
Emma Smith Chemistry
Stephanie Vickers Childhood Development Studies
Nicola Wright Classical Studies
Janet Lang Commerce
Leone Neal Dance
William Walker Drama
Margaret Northey English
Leah ValliFoods
Jodie Wendt Health
Ronny Kuitert History
Helena Lamason Hospitality
Paula Henderson Languages & ESOL
Rochelle Telfer Mathematics
Ralph Ruka Maori
Nicholas Grew Music
Erin Chapman Outdoor Education
Nicky Howes Physical Education
Amber Fairweather Psychology
Suzanne Scourfield Science
Nicola Wright and Tracey Therkleson Social Studies
Rebecca Maunder and Grace Williams Switch
Ashlee Dobbs Sports
Rebecca Maunder Technology
Robin Robertson Te Puna Matauranga
Rachael PedersenTextiles
Donna Severinsen Tourism

2021 House Deans

Bell House Nicola Mann
Lovelock House Tracey Cooper
Manaia HouseTracey Therkleson
Mansfield House Natalie Peyton
Rutherford House Natalie Willcox
Sheppard House Phillip Mechen

Teaching Staff Listing with email addresses

Name Department Email Address
Atkinson, Stephen Commerce [email protected]
Barrett, James Switch [email protected]
Barton, Lorraine Health/Physical Education [email protected]
Bearne, Elizabeth English [email protected]
Beazley, Andrea Technology/Art [email protected]
Beazley, Dave Product & Design, Technology [email protected]
Box, Emma Science/Biology [email protected]
Carter, Kate English [email protected]
Chapman, Erin Physical Education/Health, HOD Outdoor Education [email protected]
Clark, Lauren English [email protected]
Clark, Pheme Enterprise, Money Smart, Academy (SHS) [email protected]
Cooper, Anne Senior Leadership Team, English [email protected]
Cooper, Tracey Mathematics, Lovelock House Dean [email protected]
Cull, Tom Physics/Science[email protected]
Dean, Christine Physical Education, Health [email protected]
Dean, Kevin Senior Leadership Team, Switch [email protected]
Dearnley, Janna Physical Education/Health [email protected]
Dickson, Rowan Science [email protected]
Drysdale, Rachel Science/Biology [email protected]
Fairweather, Amber HOD Psychology [email protected]
Fox, Elke Science [email protected]
Fisher, Jan Drama [email protected]
Frew, Sophie Social Studies [email protected]
Ganesh, Shanthy Mathematics [email protected]
Grew, Nicholas HOD Music [email protected]
Gwillim, Tanya Mathematics [email protected]
Haines, Aaron Mathematics [email protected]
Heap, Kristin Art, 21st Century Skills [email protected]
Henderson, Anna Science, Biology [email protected]
Henderson, Paula HOD Languages, ESOL [email protected]
Herman, Indy Art, Technology [email protected]
Hopper, Gabby Health & PE [email protected]
Howes, Nicky HOD Physical Education/Health [email protected]
Hughes, Alys Dance [email protected]
Jones, Mike Mathematics [email protected]
Jones, Rhiannon Art, 21st Century Skills [email protected]
Kuitert, Ronny Social Studies, HOD History [email protected]
Kyd, Adrienne Technology, 21st Century Skills [email protected]
Lamason, Helena Foods, HOD Hospitality [email protected]
Lang, Janet HOD Commerce [email protected]
Lee, Christo Maths [email protected]
Lockyer, Sonya Senior Leadership Team, Switch [email protected]
Major, Nick Science, Switch, 21st Century Skills [email protected]
Mann, Nicola Mathematics, Bell House Dean [email protected]
Maunder, Rebecca HOD Technology, HOD Switch [email protected]
May, Sherrall Foods, Hospitality, Switch [email protected]
McKernan, Maaike Switch [email protected]
McNamara, Catherine English [email protected]
Mechen, Phil Sheppard House Dean, Health, Physical Education[email protected]
Mellor, Sheridan Art [email protected]
Miller, Georgia Physical Education and Health [email protected]
Miller, Zoe English [email protected]
Milton, Lenna English [email protected]
Moors, Jenni English [email protected]
Musa, Suhil Mathematics [email protected]
Nagulesan, Diana Mathematics [email protected]
Neal, Jo 21st Century Skills, Careers [email protected]
Neal, Leone HOD Dance [email protected]
Nordstrom, April Science, Switch [email protected]
Northey, Margaret HOD English [email protected]
O'Rourke, Bridget Social Studies bridget.o'[email protected]
Packwood, Diane Literacy Director [email protected]
Palmer, Alison English [email protected]
Paton, Joanne Mathematics [email protected]
Pedersen, Rachael HOD Textile & Fashion Technology [email protected]
Peyton, Natalie Music, Mansfield House Dean [email protected]
Phillips, Tamara Science, Primary Industries [email protected]
Potter, Denise Social Studies [email protected]
Rees, Wendy Social Studies, Health School, Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu [email protected]
Ristic, Natasha Science[email protected]
Rogers, Kim Senior Leadership Team, Te Reo Maori, English [email protected]
Robertson, Robin Te Puna Matauranga[email protected]
Ruka, Ralph HOD Te Reo Maori [email protected]
Scourfield, Suzanne Chemistry, HOD Science [email protected]
Severinsen, Donna Social Studies [email protected]
Simpson, Jacqui School Counsellor [email protected]
Smith, Emma Science [email protected]
Smith, Sharyn SWITCH [email protected]
Stalmann, Megan Science [email protected]
Sutherland, Tamsin Science [email protected]
Taree, Rea School Counsellor [email protected]
Taffard, Kylie 21st Century Skills, HOD Careers [email protected]
Taylor, Vicki English [email protected]
Telfer, Rochelle HOD Maths [email protected]
Therkleson, Tracey HOD Social Studies, Manaia House Dean [email protected]
Tito, Janine Te Reo Maori, Maori Toi, Art, Switch [email protected]
Topper, Sarah English [email protected]
Tucker, Jodi Social Studies [email protected]
Urbahn, Keri English [email protected]
Valli, Leah HOD Food and Nutrition [email protected]
Vickers, Stephanie Switch, HOD Childhood Development Studies [email protected]
Walker, William HOD Drama [email protected]
Wati, Calidah Science, HOD Biology [email protected]
Wendt , Jodie HOD Health, Physical Education [email protected]
Werder, Leanne Mathematics, Switch [email protected]
White, Martin Art, Technology, 21st Century Skills [email protected]
White, Megan Switch, HOD Art [email protected]
Willcox, Natalie Health, Physical Education, Rutherford House Dean [email protected]
Williams, Grace HOD Switch [email protected]
Wright, Nicola HOD Social Studies [email protected]
Zimmerman, Ashleigh HOD Art [email protected]